‘’Genesis’’ is an ancient greek word which refers to the creation or birth, for example the creation of the Nature. Nature itself gave people this blessed, eternal tree, the olive-tree and its oil, of course. Since ancient times and till now, olive and olive oil have been an indivisible part of the Greeks’ life, not only as a valuable nutritional habit which led to longevity, but as a remedy or a cosmetic for healthy skin and hair.

The family of ‘’Agron Genesis’’ has been involved in the cultivation and the production of extra virgin olive-oil for 70 years now in Lefkimi Corfu.

Lefkimi is located in the south part of Corfu. It’s a seaside region, plain and hilly at the same time, full of olive-trees which are grown up under the sun and sea breeze. The combination of the sun and the sea breeze is what makes the olive groove in Lefkimi unique, offering it a very fertile soil.

Nowadays, the family of ‘’Agron Genesis’’ is using modern mechanical methods and always showing respect towards the olive-tree, we are trying to maintain and preserve the highest quality and purity of our olive-oil. This has already been achieved by being qualified at every step of the process, such as the soil in which olive-trees are cultivated, the tree itself, olive’s crop and gathering, the quickest transportation to the oil-factory possible, the cold extraction, its evaluation, storage and finally its bottling.

Agron Genesis – Lefkimmi, Corfu.
A recipe for longevity, health and beauty that lasts over time.
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